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Dundee Alumni Fund

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Each year students drop out of their course and others are deterred from higher education because of financial hardship. At Dundee we believe that academic ability should be the only determining factor into higher education. We also believe that all scholars should be given the best opportunity to succeed with access to outstanding facilities, a wide variety of inspiring sports and societies, excellent teaching and world class research.

The Dundee Alumni Fund supports scholarships, helps improve the quality of our facilities and supports a variety of clubs and societies. It’s also a great way to give something back. It’s not what you give, but that you give that matters.

 What the recipients had to say

"I am a mature student and a single parent in my fourth year of law. I have received continuous support over the last few years and without there help emotionally and financially I would not have coped with the external pressures of University. It is always appreciated. I have recently received another boost where they once again were able to help me out by disbursing the Alumni Giving Campaign Funds, therefore easing some of my financial pressures, which in turn helps me concentrate on my studies. The people who work there are genuine and sincere and do help, and they do understand. They do an excellent job and deserve to get the credit. WELL DONE, MANY THANKS"

"I would like to thank the Alumni for funding these awards. They have definitely spurred me on to achieve better grades and hopefully one day help fund them myself.To say that this is a godsend is an understatement as I was on the point of giving up, as I have absolutely no money. This award has taken a massive strain away and will let me finish my work. I am overwhelmed. My sincere thanks to all concerned."

"The money that I have received has benefited myself, my partner and daughter tremendously as it helped us for basic costs for rent."

"I really can't underestimate the value of the donation I received from the alumni fund. By helping to lift some of the financial burden that every student is under, this payment has allowed me to concentrate that much better on my studies."

"As an international visiting student, this award makes me feel very welcome here. I will continue to work hard to complete my PhD, after which, I hope to take advantage of the Fresh Talent Initiative to live and work in Scotland. The fund was been the difference between completion and non-completion of my studies. The effect this will have on my family life and self esteem is immeasurable. The support I received has encouraged me to continue with my studies through uncertain times."

"Thanks so much for the bursary of £750. Thanks also to the University Hardship Panel and to the people who contributed to the Alumni Giving Campaign. I am grateful for such support and encouragement. It is very motivating to have my hard work recognised. The money will certainly help me to devote myself full time to my study at a critical stage in my research. More than that, however, it is inspiring to realise that individuals can be so generous toward students who are experiencing financial difficulties in their studies."

"I would like to thank the Hardship Panel for awarding me the money from the Alumni Group Campaign. This has come as such a relief to me because I was struggling to manage both with money and the mental strain this was causing. It will make my home life for my children and me so much easier as I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay my bills. I will also now have no more worries about my degree show cost which means that I can concentrate on my work which I am still really enjoying, and the degree that I will get at the end of this year."

"This is to extend my sincere appreciation for the Bursary awarded to me. I thought that 'Perseverance is the Greatest'. May I say that this award is a major boost to my zeal and enthusiasm? I hope to persevere even more and strive for greater heights. In future, I shall endeavour to contribute towards the continuity of this noble award. Thank you very much."

“I am thrilled to receive the award. The cash would be of great help to me. I would like to express my gratitude to University of Dundee Alumni for their support... I will follow in their footsteps and make some donation as well after I graduate. Thank you very much.”


“As a mature student with a family, finances are often tough. The Alumni Bursary award was extremely helpful, especially as our family income has had to support medical costs for my wife. This bursary has now removed a lot of my financial stress allowing me to concentrate on my forthcoming exams..."


“This bursary will make a huge difference to my studies. I am taking History as my degree subject and this bursary will now allow me to go on the two research trips to Europe... It is great to know that I can now afford to go on them. Thank you.”


Funded Projects

From November 2004 to Mar 2014:

• £353,059 Support for the Hardship Fund and bursaries for academic achievers in genuine financial need
• £52,647 for the Medical School Refurbishment
• £38,000 for Library Group Workpods
• £24,800 for Dundee University Access to Learning Summer School bursaries
• £16,750 for the Scottish Internship Graduate Certificate
• £10,000 for Library Student-Led Book Purchasing
• £8,000 for Library Laptop Lockers
• £8,000 for the Dundee Graduate Skills Award
• £ 8,000 to the Institute of Sport and Exercise for equipment for the Martial Arts Room
• £7,000 for PLUS@Dundee memory sticks
• £5,800 for the Institute of Sport and Exercise Healthy Eating Cafe
• £ 5,194 musical instruments for the Dundee University Musical Society
• £ 5,000 to equip 2 lecture halls with a personal response system to allow the students to provide direct feedback to their lecturers
• £ 5,000 to build a Mobile Map of the University campus that can be downloaded from the University's website to the user's mobile phone. A valuable tool for all new students and visitors.
• £5000 for Keeping Kids Alive in Scotland
• £5000 for DRIVE formula student team
• £5000 for Social Work - Student Research Internships
• £4,500 for i-Lectures
• £3,000 for Library Research Station
• £ 2,780 Spectrum magnifier for the Main Library
• £2,500 for Careers - Student Volunteering Development Internship
• £1,250 for Alumni - Science
• £1,145 to refurbish the Psychology common/reading room
• £600 for the Careers Library
• £ 500 for a drama group in the English Department

The Alumni Annual Fund was launched back in 2004 and since then more than 2,000 alumni have generously donated to the fund.  It has had a significant impact on the relief of genuine student hardship and on improving student facilities across the campus (see the Impact tab for more details).

The name is simple but it often provides a challenge to our student fundraisers when they are trying to explain what it is.  We would like to call on your talent and creativity to decide upon a new name for the fund which will be more meaningful and appealing.  To help, simply complete the short survey.

Making a donation is easy and you can do it now.